01.jpgThe day of my wedding approaches and I fell rather insecure and worried. When I see myself in the mirror all that I can notice are broad hips, unshaped waist and my large figure."
Nena T. from Belgrade

ANABELLA: "Dear Nena, Is it really important whether you are tall and thin or short and plump? Have you thought about it?Maybe you have a plump figure because of the happy occasion?Our advice is not to panic, especially not to torture yourself with fast diets which will endanger your metabolism. Each body is beautiful if the girl has a lovely smile, and we will gladly help you to begin your new life with the right choice of the dress!

02.jpgThe wedding dress that I had chosen is burgundy. I wanted my future husband to have a waistcoat and a tie in the same colour.
But he does not want to hear about it.
Silvija P.from Subotica

ANABELLA: Do not worry too much about matching clothes. Just because your dress is burgundy the grooms waistcoat and tie does not have to be in the same shade. Sometimes it is enough to have a buttonhole in that colour and have a harmonious appearance. You can order in our shops unique, fantastic buttonholes, candles, bouquets,l ittle flowers for all guests and other accessories that can match wonderfully.


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